The RMT Portal Story

Resource Management Portal (RMT Portal) fosters the idea of managing entire workforce and their related activities in a single platform wherein all the departments are seamlessly integrated with each other.

The cloud-based platform connects the entire end-to-end process of staffing for all the departments like Sales, Recruitment, HR, Immigration and Accounts among other sections.

Each of these departments has its own set of predefined functionalities with separate logins, while they collaborate simultaneously as one team.

RMT Portal is built to work in cloud, hosted and maintained by well qualified and experienced team of professionals with over 120 years of collective management experience serving multiple clients in HR and Staffing industry.

Benefits of RMT


Post the data on the cloud and retrieve from the same


High data security


Hassle-free workflow


Recruitments and their intricate process made easy


Adherence to all the legal policies related to immigration


Seamless integration of departments


Easy to install

Who are we?

One unifying workforce that trusts in the power of technology and ensures the changing trends are adapted and equally put in use. A team of technically strong individuals, visionaries, and SMEs who are always driven by the idea of reducing the complexity of work by giving simpler solutions through the latest technology.

Our Aim

RMT is built and works for the staffing industry, especially the startups that are looking out for helping hands to streamline their entire internal process. Even the established companies can benefit from this application as it eases the management of resources easily and effectively.

RMT Portal
how it works?

The inception of the RMT Portal application is based on the core mission, reaching out to the staffing industry and ease their process of managing profiles with a simplified application.

This application gives flexibility to the clients to choose individual plans based on their requirements. These plans are renewable monthly. RMT Portal gives you the power to choose the most cost-effective plan that best fits your requisites.