An all-in-one solution for Staffing / Consulting firms

Experience the benefits of real integration between different business functions of the company.



  • Maintain unlimited number of jobs, both direct and from indirect

  • Make the jobs private specific to Executive

  • Track all submissions by Executive, Consultant and Status

  • Search for consultants by various filters and submit instantly

  • Reminders about open jobs and pending submissions


  • Auto create contracts on approval of consultant

  • Manage Consultants, Clients, Prime Vendors and Sub Vendors

  • Extend or End contracts and maintain historical information

  • Manage Consultant pay structure in relates to the contract

  • Maintain and track documents in connection with Prime Vendors/Clients

  • Create, track and maintain documents with Sub Vendors

  • Workflow management among departments like HR, Finance and Immigration


  • Log time against the assignments

  • Available for both Consultants and Internal Employees

  • Payroll integrated with billable / non-billable hours

  • Notifications to not to miss any dates

  • Upload provision for client approved timesheets

  • Maintain internal communication and timesheet reviews prior approval

Clients/Prime Vendors

  • Have a consolidated list of Clients/Prime Vendors available in one common location

  • Make the contact persons’ details specific to the Executive/Manager

  • Maintain confidential information as Confidential

  • Integrate with Job Postings and Interview process

  • Monitor the consultants, contracts, invoices and payments related to Prime Vendor/Clients


  • Refer/Invite consultants and allow them to input their details.

  • Structured onboarding with all required information collected and made available for anytime use.

  • Provision for varied types of consultants Internal and External.

  • Manage access permissions on the account, documents and content.

  • Search based on various filters Visa Type, Skills, Location, Submission, Expiry dates, etc.

  • Manage their status as ‘Engaged’ or ‘Available’

  • Submit consultants to various jobs based on their availability.

  • Maintain multiple profiles for an Internal Consultant based on the job profile

  • Input timesheets based on the billability

  • Add/Invite Sub Vendors to access their consultant’s activity

  • Manage contracts, raise invoices and maintain documents

  • Have transparency in transactions between the company and Sub Vendors

Immigration Petitions

  • An end-to-end immigration activity for all internal consultants

  • Close integration with LCA, PAF and Fully Executed File

  • Create new petitions, assign to Attorneys, allow consultant to access the status and manage the entire review cycle of the petition

  • Download/upload documents on need basis

  • Tight integration with all other departments HR, Finance, etc. to automate the updates


  • Get the contracts and billable hours integrated with pay cycles

  • Process Paychecks for all internal consultants based on their actual utilization

  • Setup pay for each consultant and customize it for each contract

  • Allow consultants to verify their pay checks and reconcile them on monthly and yearly

  • Review invoices from Sub Vendors and manage their payments


  • Efficiently maintain notes specific to any employee/consultant/client/prime vendor/sub vendor

  • Maintain the visibility and access permissions of each note individually and smartly

  • Tag them to be able to search them by any user

  • Have them for future references with intelligent search provisions

Support tickets

  • Any users can post their issues to the concerned departments directly

  • Categories like HR, Immigration, Finance, etc. that represents departments

  • Have the conversation part of the ticket for future reference


  • One click invoice provision for all contracts covering both Prime Vendors and Clients

  • Tightly integrated with Contracts and Timesheets. Hence no need for any additional checks

  • Two-way integration with Quickbooks will avoid multiple entry points and sync the status automatically

  • Features like Deductions, Part Payments, Notes and Notifications

  • Invoice reminders to make sure you don’t miss any of the invoices

Resume Database

  • Have all your resumes in one common location separated by and tagged to Executives

  • Search for them quickly with all possible filters and submit them to the jobs

  • Share the ownership dynamically and allow everyone to use the resumes on need basis


  • Details of a Consultant including LCA, Visa, Interview Process, Employment and Contracts among others

  • Stats of Submissions with filters like duration, executive, status, etc

  • Sales Activity to accurately check the status of available consultants and their submissions to various jobs. Hierarchical structure will help review the performance of manager and their reporting executives

  • Recruitment Activity to review the stats all open jobs in hierarchical view of consultants

  • Job Posts report to list all jobs created by Executives and their corresponding stats

Contacts and Bulk Emails

  • Maintain the contact details of individuals like email, name, and phone number

  • Add contacts individually and import in bulk as CSV/Excel and by category

  • Send sales and marketing emails, track delivery status and analyze stats

Other salient features

  • Manage multiple companies with single login by switching companies

  • Transfer Consultants between companies without hassle

  • Convert External Consultant to Internal without impacting existing activity

  • Dates that are important to review will be displayed under ‘Expiring Soon’. This includes Visa, PO, Work Authorization, Passport, etc.

  • Personal Reminders

  • Notifications to quickly inform all stakeholders about various actions

  • Reference documents to help users to understand the activity and perform better

Third party integrations

  • Quickbooks

  • Stripe

  • eSignature

  • Job Portals (LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.)

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